Escape Rooms Guadalajara, is a 100% Mexican company, created by a young and crazy traveler who was looking for new trends in Asia and Europe. In this games he wanted to allow his fellow citizens to live this exciting adventure full of adrenaline and stress.

It´s a new concept in América and we GUARANTEE you that once you go to one of our escape rooms, you will WANT MORE.

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¿What are the Escape Rooms?

Escape rooms were born in Hungary, inspired in Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi´s book "Flow".

In Escape Rooms Guadalajara, you can share this experience with up to 5 friends and solve the riddles to find the exit

Consider these skills that can help you beat time:

  • Speed
  • Logic
  • Patience
  • Know-how

But above all come to have fun and experience a different experience.

His ideology

"To be in a state of complete concentration, absorbed by an activity, that seeks high doses of wellness."